We Love The Classic Mini

We have many years experience with these amazing cars and our passion and enthusiasm goes into preparing every single one of them.

Classic Minis make an excellent Classic Car proposition, enormous  fun to drive, amazing handling, more than enough performance even by todays standards, a large choice of variants to suit all needs, excellent spares networks and huge club followings across the globe. These little cars really do become a part of the family very quickly and their  place is righty deserved. If you are after fun, economical motoring and instant popularity a Classic Mini may just be for you. The genius design means the Mini is still as relevant today as it has always been.

Our stock changes regularly and we always aim to offer a broad range of choice to suit all budgets, this much fun must be available to all. Not all of our stock makes it onto this website so please get in touch with your requirements, by email, text or Whatsapp and we always have time for a chat on the phone. Viewings are welcome, we have created a friendly environment with objective advice, tea and test drives.

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